Monday, February 16, 2009

Do you have a Someday List?

As the world turns many times we get caught up with day to day events. What happens to fitting our own needs into our lives. So many hours go by and we never take the time to complete our goals. Or do we really have goals. Have we taken the time to write out our goals and dreams? After reading The Someday List(Revell,$12.99) this book made me take a look at my life and realized that I had not taken the time to write down my goals or dreams for my life. Do I think I have everything in order? I don't think so. This book is a christian fiction that has a realistic story that makes you ask yourself the question,what if you were diagnosed with a incuruable disease and only had days to live. What would you do next? Have you accomplished all that you wanted before your time was up? Or ask yourself the question do you even know what it is that you would want before taking your last breath. We recently had an opportunity to have a discussion with the Author Stacy Hawkins Adams and what a great conversation we had. Watch the video and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

All Fired Up

Today we are faced with challenges that may put us in very uncomfortable situations. With today's economic challenges we may walk into our current jobs and be told that we are FIRED!!!!!

We must not allow this changes to put us into a state of confusion. We must look at our current situations and view them as opportunities for us to utilize our gifts that we have allowed to be dormant for years. We know that it will take a lot of prayer and meditation to get our spirtual direction. During these time you must begin to look over your finances and begin to identify what resources you do have available. I recently read a wonderful book entitled Fired Up! How to WIN when you LOSE your job!! Author Will LaViest has done a wonderful job of telling his story about being fired unfairly, and how he was able to be the winner of his situtation. He shares how he was able to turn his anger into joy.

You must also think about ways to prepare yourself for your new career. Do you need to update your resume, perhaps reinvent your wardrobe for your new job opportunities? What about creating a job that will fulfill needs of others and make money at it. We must begin to become creative.

What are your thoughts? Watch the video of my current radio show "The Talking Bookshow" with Sister's on a Mission and listen to our conversation.